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Herschede Triple Chime with Moonphase 9 Tube Grandfather Clock

Herschede Triple Chime with Moonphase 9 Tube Grandfather Clock

Sorry, This item is sold.

Item #:  AC3052

Manufacturer: Herschede Clock Company

This is one of the best Moonphase 9 Tube Triple Chime Grandfather Clocks that you can buy.

It is made by the world famous Herschede chime clock company, known for their quality clocks for over three generations.

This one is model No. 276 with the 9 tube movement playing your choice of Westminster, Canterbury or Whittington Chimes.

This is one of the best quality sounding clocks that we seen (buying and selling) in a long time.

The case is made of Mahogany with Satinwood trimming on the top and bottom.

The clock on whole is in great shape running and chiming the quarter hours away. You can silence the chimes and hour striking individually if you wish.

This model has a moon phase dial in excellent condition, as well as the rest of the dial. Heavy beveled glass door to view all 9 tubes and the pendulum. (The bottom Satin wood does have about a two inch bubble that could be fixed by a professional or left as is -- it does not detract from the overall beauty of the clock, but mentioned for accuracy.)

This grandfather clock is 78 inches tall and 21 inches wide.

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