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Hermle Tellurium II Specialty Clock in Nickel & Black

Hermle Tellurium II Specialty Clock in Nickel & Black

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Item #:  22823-740352 (22823740352)

Manufacturer: Hermle

Hermle Tellurium III in solid wood case with black piano finish. The Tellurium clock reproduces the annual orbit of the earth around the sun, with the earth rotating around its own axis once in twenty four hours. The moon, in turn, revolves around the earth in 29.5 days completing a full rotation around its axis. This allows the reproduction of the different moon phases as they are visible from earth. In the course of one year, the earth passes all twelve zodiac signs, months and individual days which are indicated on the flat disc.8-day spring wound movement with 4/4 Westminster chime on 4 polished bells, with separate second feature. 11 jewel deadbeat escapement, polished nickel plated brass, disc has milled zodiac signs, and rosettes in addition to the months and days of the year. The Tellurium has reproductions of the sun, earth and moon, incorporating the day/month indicator.

The 8 day key-wound movement plays Westminster chimes on 4 nested polished bells.

3 year warranty on parts and workmanship.

[Customers who are interested in telleriums also sometimes collect astrolabiums and orrery or orreries, and other automata mechanical clocks, including astrariums, astronomical clocks, and tellurion or tellurian clocks.]


Diameter: 11.38 inches
Depth: 11.5 inches

Weight: 32.00 pounds

(Historically, this clock has also been known by other style numbers, including: 8.20E+11)

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As Of: 06/14/2024